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August 3rd, 2005


This is just my (shekimusic) community for to post romanizations of lyrics I've done. Quite often I find people haven't romanized Japanese songs that I love karaokeing to, so I'll do it myself. You're welcome to join and request lyrics, but only request the songs that are on albums/singles that I physically own. If you're able to provide me with a large enough scan of the song you want done and the mp3, I'll do it.

"Lesbian Demands Cheese" is a quote from Ellen DeGeneres' first stand-up performance after coming out as a lesbian in 1997. The performance was in 2000.

Check out the Memories before you request lyrics. ALL LYRICS ARE MEMBERS-ONLY. This means you must be a member of this community to see them. Do not post my lyrics anywhere without my explicit permission.

To everyone who has recently added me: Terribly sorry for spamming your friends page with lyrics!!!